One of my very favorite things to do is to gather people for a fun night in or a home cooked meal. It’s cheesy, but I love the idea of connecting people, making them feel welcome, and giving them a fun experience. There are some small tips I’ve found to be tried and true, no matter the event, whether that’s a book party, themed soiree, or Friday night dinner. While these skew more toward smaller apartment or house parties, the fundamentals can be applied to any major event.

party-at-home-dancing-cranberries-picjumbo-comFOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD

I cannot state the importance of this enough. Having food, even if it’s just small nibbles, can make your guests’ experience. We’ve all been to events where food was lacking and the drinks were flowing – never a good combination. Pro tip: Since dark chocolate and other comfort foods are tied to your brain’s endorphin center, having some of these out at your party will be sure to leave your guests in a great mood.

Mobile Marketing 3ATMOSPHERE

It’s more than just a clean home. The atmosphere you create is what makes your guests feel welcome and ready to have a good time. Whether that is a fully stocked bar or a well dressed table, lit candles on the coffee table, or music in the background, it’s important to have a warm, inviting space. I always talk about “Instagrammable moments” with my clients who are planning events. Try and make a space in your apartment or house that is conducive to cute pictures. More on this subject in another post.


Those of you who have been through the sorority rush process may find this vaguely familiar (“back pocket questions,”anyone?). The beauty of house parties is that while you may know all your guests, they may not all know each other. Think about ways you can connect your guests – whether they live in the same area, love the same happy hour spot or have similar hobbies.

photo-1433439216031-9571132ce719LET IT GO

It’s going to happen. Someone will spill wine on your favorite rug or sofa. Or will track dirty shoes around your house. Or will break a wine glass you loved. As hard as it is, let it go. For me, any items that are really valuable, sentimental, or won’t survive a rendezvous with a glass of red wine, are stowed away in advance of the event. If it’s a couch or accent chair you’re worried about, try draping a cute, washable throw over it. Take these safeguarding steps and you will thank yourself later.

What are your go-to tips when planning events?